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Supplied with the newest COB LED technology, I-VIEW is a rechargeable headlamp providing powerful illumination. Compared to the previous version, I-VIEW has been upgraded significantly in terms of lumen output, battery capacity and design for improved performance and user experience.

As opposed to other headlamps providing a beam of light, I-VIEW is designed to provide optimum work light illuminating your entire work area. Featuring stepless dimmer function, the light output can be adjusted according to the work task in the range of 10% to 100% up to 400 lumen. When set on sensor mode, I-VIEW can be turned on/off only by waving a hand in front of the lamp - even when wearing thick gloves.

As optional accessory, the SCANGRIP POWER BANK 03.5782 can be used for increased operating time. Simply attach the powerbank to the head band via the enclosed flexible clip holder and connect the cable to the headlamp.

New rechargeable battery system and a comfortable design

The headlamp is extremely lightweight with a modern and dynamic design. It is also supplied with a battery indicator at the front. The slim black woven band makes it comfortable to wear  throughout the entire day. Dust and waterproof (IP65).

Why you should choose I-VIEW

  • Powerful rechargeable headlamp up to 400 lumen
  • Stepless dimmer function to adjust the light output
  • Illuminates your entire workspace
  • Optional powerbank for increased operation time
  • Ergonomically designed and remarkably lightweight
  • Dust and waterproof

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