Radius 360 Air Dust Free Sanding System

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The FullCircle Complete Dustless Sanding System
Is the perfect solution for all of your dust-free drywall sanding needs. Walls, ceilings, corners, and detail - the new FullCircle AIR Package can handle any and all drywall sanding projects with 98% dust-free operation

The Radius360 Air is based on the original FullCircle Radius360 sander, and was designed to achieve 98% dust-free operation with quick effortless movement and full range of motion. The Flex Air is the perfect solution for dust-free drywall corner sanding and dust free drywall detail sanding.

FullCircle AIR Package Includes:

  • Both heads; the Radius360 Air and Flex Air.
  • Pole assembly - (2) 2' aluminum poles, connector, 12" HDPE pole handle.
  • Universal vacuum hose adapter.
  • 14 ft. Vacuum hose assembly.
  • Level360 Discs - (1) 150 grit, (1) 180 grit, (1) 220 grit.
  • Flex Air abrasive foam pads - (1) Medium & (1) Fine.
  • Flex Air sandpaper - (1) 150 grit, (1) 180 grit, (1) 220 grit.

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