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The DEWALT MudShot is a patent pending, gas-pressurized compound applicator tube that eliminates the strain of manually pushing the compound out of the tool during the traditional finishing process with a corner applicator box. It dramatically increases corner finishing efficiency while being easier on the back, the shoulders and the wrists!

The MudShot is uniquely activated by applying light force against the tool while it is on the wall. There is no twisting action required. It is equally easy to use by both left and right handed drywall finishers with very little learning curve.


- Sturdy, high gauge aluminum handle tube that has been hard-coat anodized for extreme durability and easy cleanup.
- Oversized clear composite compound chamber that provides outstanding capacity for less trips back to the pump.
- Extra strong gas cylinder provides 82lb of pressure - double the force of other pressurized compound tubes - enabling the use of thicker compounds and better flow, while still being easy to fill.
- The stainless steel ball end is compatible with the corner finishing attachments of most leading manufacturers.
- A spring-loaded filler mechanism fits all pump filler nozzles.

The MudShot™s unique push-to-release design means that MudShot handle extensions can be easily added to the handle base for reaching higher ceilings and walls. The simple design is reliable and easy to repair.

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