Radius 360 Air Mesh Disc 5 Pack

Grit: 150g 5 Pack
Price including GST:
Sale price$22.73


Designed to work with the Radius 360 Air Sander Head. A sharp synthetic material that cuts fast into joint compound. Ideal for scuffing painted walls before repainting. Open mesh design allows dust and particles to pass through to reduce clogging.

  • Use with new perforated pad.
  • Available in (3) grits – 150, 180, & 220
  • Standard packaging is 5-pack.
  • Total surface adhesion with hook & loop backing.
  • Use without “air curtain” on Radius360® Air.
  • Fluid movement with reduced drag from vacuum suction.
  • No adjusting air damper, use with damper in closed position.
  • Unique cutting edge and woven design sands without scratching.

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