10mm GIB Standard (6.5KG/M2)*

Size: 2.4m x 1.2m
Price including GST:
Sale price$35.11



The new standard in performance.

Built-in high performance makes it suitable for multiple uses: maintains bracing performance of GS1 and GS2 systems and ceiling diaphragms as presented in GIB EzyBrace Systems 2011; and can be used in GIB Fire Rated and GIB Noise Control Systems.

The new standard for ceilings.

Thicker 13mm GIB Standard plasterboard is recommended for use on ceilings for a better quality finish, especially where wet and humid conditions mean ceiling sag can be amplified. Used in ceilings it can withstand distributed loads up to 3.0kg/m2 easily supporting loads such as R5.0 insulation.

GIB Standard plasterboard is an economical lining material available in 10mm and 13mm thicknesses.

  • 10mm GIB Standard plasterboard is suitable for walls

  • Thicker and more rigid 13mm GIB Standard plasterboard is recommended for ceilings as its less prone to sagging than 10mm plasterboard in a ceiling application


  1. GIB Board can be ordered by phone, email or in store.
  2. GIB Board can be collected from Store or delivered Direct to Site via the GIB Direct to Site Service (DTS). 
  3. Direct to Site Service is available in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch. We organise delivery service in Dunedin.

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